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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shmiras HaLashon: ג תשרי - Tishrei 3 - Third Day

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It is known that one who regularly accustoms himself to [perform] this sin [of Lashon HaRa, will find it] difficult to develop any remedy [for the spiritual harm that he inflicts upon himself], Heaven Forbid. This [follows that which] our Sages of Blessed Memory have said, [as follows], that in the future, everyone will be healed except for habitual speakers of Lashon HaRa. Therefore, the [soul of the] habitual speaker of Lashon HaRa is destined to suffer great and unending embarrassment on account [of this sin]. (Refer to Chapter 5 [where] we have quoted from the Midrash (Devarim Rabba, Section 6, subsection 14), [as follows])[1] : “Rabbi Shimon said, ‘Just as Miriam… those evildoers who intentionally speak Lashon Haa about their fellows, to cut their lives short, how much more so will The Holy One, Blessed is He, cut off their tongues. [The above teaching follows that which] it says [in Tehillim (12, 4)]: “HaShem shall cut off all [of] the cunning lips….”[2]

This consequence [of the sin of forbidden speech], is termed “suffering of the soul” [and is a] more appropriate [type of suffering] than any other type of suffering, for, through it, the speaker’s completeness, by which he is called “the soul of the person”, due to the power of speech inherent within him, is ruined. [The above teaching follows that which] RaSh"I notes on his commentary in Parshas Bereishis (2, 7)[3]. [In reference to saving oneself from punishment due to forbidden speech], it is written [in seferMishlei” (21; 23)], “One who guards his mouth and tongue...” - meaning in this world, “...guards himself against suffering of the soul”. Dovid HaMelech[4], Peace be upon him, similarly had the above intent when focusing on this specific [trait of guarding ones tongue], since [proper observance of this mitzvah] serves a great benefit for one’s eternal life. (For a further discussion [of the above teaching], see that which we write in the first volume of [sefer] Shmiras HaLashon”, [in] chapters 4 and 5).

[1] “Rabbi Shimon said, ‘Just as Miriam the Righteous, did not intend to speak Lashon HaRa, and rather spoke for the sake of propagating mankind, [nevertheless] experienced such consequences (i.e. temporary tzara'as leprosy and isolation). How much more so, those evildoers who will intentionally speak Lashon HaRa [against] their fellows, to cut short their lives, will have their tongues cut off by The Holy One, Blessed is He...”

[2] The entire pasuk reads, “HaShem shall cut off all the cunning lips, the tongue that speaks with import.” The exegesis of the Midrash is dependant on the omitted phrase; because the wicked habitually use their tongues with the intent to harm their fellows, [i.e. they speak with import], HaShem will sever that instrument of destruction.”

[3] RaSh"I comments on the phrase “l'nefesh
chaya” - “for a living soul”, that even wild animals and cattle are referred to as a “a living soul”. However, the person superior in that the individual possesses the added capabilities of speech and intelligence.

[4] Dovid HaMelech is King David.

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