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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shmiras HaLashon כ"ב תשרי - Tishrei 22 - Twenty-Second Day

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Furthermore, [in addition to being responsible for driving HaShem's Divine Presence out of the midst of Israel], we find in a Midrash, that The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not want to bond at all with the habitual slanderer to save him from his troubles. The only advice to offer [this type of] individual is that he should guard his tongue from evil [speech] and he should conceal himself, as well, from sitting amongst a group of people who speak of shameful matters concerning their fellows.

The Midrash and Sifrei Zuta state as follows[1]: The Holy One, Blessed is He, said: From all of the troubles that come upon you, I am able to save you, but with [regards to the sin of] slander, conceal yourself, and you will not lose out. [The above teaching is similar to the following] parable: [There was] a wealthy person who had a great affinity toward a villager [and] ventured out to inquire of him as to his wellbeing.
A rabid dog resided [in close proximity to the villager] who would [regularly] bite people. The wealthy man said to the [villager whom] he loved: ‘My son, if you are in debt to a person – I will pay it off for you, do not conceal yourself from him. However, if you see a rabid dog, hide from him, for if he bites you, I do not know what I can do [to assist] you!’ Such [did] The Holy One, Blessed is He, say: “From six troubles He will save you… and when the tongue wanders, you shall hide”[2] (Iyov: 5; 19-21)”. Behold the sweetness of the words of our Sages of Blessed Memory, for they sweetened the words of the one spoiled from this sin [of slander] likening it to one who is bitten by a rabid dog. In reality, [the rabid dog and the slanderer] are identical, as [our Sages of Blessed Memory] have said in [maseches] Yoma (84a) [as follows]: One who is bitten by a rabid dog has no remedy. Regarding slander [our Sages] have similarly [taught], that one accustomed to this sin [of slander], Heaven Forbid, has no remedy, [as our Sages of Blessed Memory] said (Arachin, 15b): “One who relates [slander] has no remedy.”

[1] See Yalkut Parshas Ki Teitze (Yalkut Shimoni ParshasKi Teitze” 23, Remez 933 – toward the end)].

[2] The full verse reads: “From a wandering tongue you shall hide and do not fear from plunder when it arrives.” (Iyov: 5; 21) Metzudas David explains that when the tongue of Lashon HaRa and gossip increase in the world, you should hide from these gossipers so that they do not speak concerning you, and you will be saved from the plunder and the destruction that comes as a result of Lashon HaRa.

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