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Ya'akov Don ben Esther Ahuvah Sharona
Avraham Yishayahu ben Aviva
Perel Leah bas Sima

Please learn in the merit/memory of Eyal ben Uriel, Gil-Ad Michael ben Ophir, Ya'akov Naftali ben Avraham, and Alter Aryeh Leib Reuven ben Sima

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shmiras HaLashon ג חשון - Cheshvan 3 - Thirty-Third Day

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Concerning this person who makes his mouth impure [by speaking that which is forbidden], subsequently blemishes the holy words that he utters from his mouth. [The above follows that which is] written in the holy Zohar, Parshas Pikudei (Volume 2; 263b), [as follows]: “Many other “arousers of judgment” are dependent upon that evil spirit. [These “arousers of judgment”] are assigned to grasp onto that evil or vile speech which a person utters with his mouth. After [the individual speaks that which is forbidden, he] utters words of holiness – Woe to them, woe to their lives… Woe to them in this world, woe to them in The World to Come. For those impure spirits take that impure word [uttered previously] and when [that] person then speaks holy words, those impure spirits precede that impure speech and [subsequently] make that holy utterance impure. [Thereby, that] person [who uttered that which is forbidden] does not [receive] benefit [from those words of Torah], and, so to speak, the power of holiness is weakened.

Similarly, we also learned in [maseches] Shabbos (119b): “[Reish Lakish said in the name of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi]: The world [continues] to exist only as a result of the breath [that emanates from] the mouths of the children [who] learn Torah in the study-hall of their rabbi. Rav Pappa said to Abayee: ‘What about [the power of] my [Torah study] and your [Torah study]?’ [Abayee] said to [Rav Pappa]: ‘The breath from the mouth of one who has sin is not similar to the breath from the mouth of one who has not sinned.’” Though the diligence and holiness of the Torah [learned by Rav Pappa and Abayee] was extremely lofty and sublime, notwithstanding, [the learning of the children was viewed as superior]. [The learning of the children was considered superior], for, at times, according to [Rav Pappa and Abayee’s] viewpoint, some improper utterance was mixed into their words [of Torah learning, thereby] the power of [their] speech fell from its’ fitting level. [Therefore], the breath [of the utterances emanating from] the mouths of the children [learning at their] rabbis’ study-hall [was considered greater. In light of the complete purity of the children’s speech], Abayee answered [Rav Pappa that the Torah learning of the children has greater power than even their Torah learning].

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