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Perel Leah bas Sima

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Shmiras HaLashon ח כּסלו - Kislev 8 - Sixty-Eighth Day

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My brother, come and I shall further demonstrate to you the great power that the Yetzer [HaRa] wields with respect to the attribute of [achieving] victory. For, at the time that one enters into the depths of the quarrel, even if he were to see with his eyes that he is going in the path of darkness and [of] thick darkness, [realizing that by persisting in the quarrel] he will descend to gehinnom, nevertheless, he is more content to go into the depths of sh’ole [rather than to] conceal himself from the quarrel. This type of Yetzer HaRa is an inheritance to [those who uphold the quarrel at such great costs] from their fathers Dathan and Aviram, they being the fathers of all instigators of conflicts. [Dathan and Aviram] said explicitly [that they were determined to persist in their quarrel, even though they would be punished in gehinnom as a result. This follows] that which is brought in Midrash Rabbah, Parshas Korach[1], [where we learn that Dathan and Aviram] said: “Behold, we support our words, and we will not ascend from the judgment of gehinnom." [Meaning: Though we shall not ascend [from gehinnom], we shall nevertheless support our words [of strife and continue the quarrel].] Therefore, my brother, have pity and compassion on your life and the lives of your sons and daughters, and restrain yourself from [involvement in] the quarrel.

[1] For more on this teaching, see Yalkut Shimoni, “Korach”, Remez 752, beginning with the word “va’yakhilu”.

The full quote of this passage in Bamidbar Rabbah (18; 4), reads as follows:

Rabbi Nathan said, The Holy One, Blessed is He, said, If all of the sorcerers of the world would gather and seek to change the morning into the evening, they would be unable [to do so. So too], just as I have separated between light and darkness, I have similarly separated Aharon to sanctify him in The Holy of Holies. Immediately, And Moshe sent to call to Dathan and Aviram the sons of Eliav, and they said, we will not go up. (Bamidbar: 16; 12) The [pasuk] here does not [state], we shall not go and we shall not come, rather, [it states], we shall not go up. [The verse in Mishlei states], The mouth of a fool brings ruin to him, [and his lips are a snare to his soul.] (Mishlei: 18; 7) - [Dathan and Aviram] opened their mouths to punishments, to say that they will die by descending and not by ascending. [In accordance with that which] they [responded to Moshe], so did they die, and they and all that belonged to them descended alive to sh'ole... (Bamidbar: 16; 33)

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