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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shmiras HaLashon ג שבט - Shevat 3 - One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Second Day

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Chapter 13

In [this Chapter, we] shall Explain [Concerning] a number of Bad Habits, through which, [as a result], the person comes to [Subsequently Transgress] The Prohibition of Lashon HaRa. Therefore, [in light of the potential danger posed by such negative attributes], the person needs to distance himself from [involvement in these habits].

Behold, [the advice proffered in the previous chapter concerning the need to remember concerning the Lashon HaRa that Miriam spoke, her subsequent punishment, and of the severity of this sin], applies to one who has still not accustomed himself to [regularly involve himself in] this sin [of Lashon HaRa. For such a person], it is easy to be rescued from this bitter sin through these [previously noted pieces of] advice. However, if [the person] has accustomed himself [to regularly involve himself] in this [sin of Lashon HaRa, then] it is exceedingly difficult for him to detach [himself] from this sin. [In such a case when one has become accustomed to involve himself in the sin of Lashon HaRa, he should] treat this spiritual malady of his as if he would have a physical illness, [concerning which] the doctor wishes to heal him. [In order to treat the sickness, the doctor] will seek out the cause of the illness, [in order to determine how the person] contracted [this illness], so that [he will] know which [type of] compress he should wrap [around the appropriate area, which would benefit the person in the recovering from the] illness.

The [above] is true involving matters of the soul, [concerning which the person] needs to trace [the] root [of the spiritual malady, in order to determine] where he [attained] this [negative] attribute [which is the source of his spiritual failings. Once the person discovers the source for his given spiritual deficiencies], he will be aware of [the optimal manner in which] to veer away from any obstacles [which would hinder his overcoming those negative attributes in the future]. Behold, a number of [negative attributes] are found to be the causes [which would lead the person to involve himself in] this sin [of Lashon HaRa. The acronymn for these negative character traits being] “כּל ג
יהנם” – “All of Gehinnom”, [which stands for]: 1) עס– Anger, 2) ליצנות– mockery, 3) גאוה – haughtiness, 4) יאוש – despair, 5) הפקר – abandonment of the law, 6) נרגנות – grumbling, [and] 7) אומר מתּר – [one who] says, “it is permitted”. We shall [continue by] explaining [each of these traits] on an individual basis [in the context of them being causes which often lead people to involve themselves in the sin of Lashon HaRa].

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