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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About Sefer "Shmiras HaLashon"

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Sefer "Shmiras HaLashon"

by Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen from the city of Radin. Rabbi Yisrael Meir is also known as the "Chofetz Chaim" based on his work "Chofetz Chaim" which discusses the laws of forbidden speech in detail.

Volume 1

[The name of this book, "
Shmiras HaLashon" - "Guarding the Tongue"], is based on the verse [from Mishlei], "One who guards his mouth and his tongue, guards from troubles of his soul" (Mishlei: 21; 23)

Sefer "Shmiras HaLashon"] opens with three "gates":

[This site offers a translation of sefer "Shmiras HaLashon", presented in daily segments, based on a typical Jewish calendar year of 355 days.

The introduction includes 1 Tishrei - 10 Tishrei.

"Sha'ar HaZichirah" includes 11 Tishrei - 12 Kislev.

"Sha'ar HaTivunah" includes 13 Kislev - 26 Shivat.

"Sha'ar HaTorah" includes 27 Shivat - 7 Iyar.

The conclusion of the first volume includes 8 Iyar - 2 Sivan.

The second volume of sefer "Shmiras HaLashon" (including its conclusion), spans 3 Sivan - 29 Elul.]

"Gate 1" is given the name "Sha'ar HaZichirah" - "The Gate of Memory", based on the verse, "Remember that which HaShem, your G-d, did to Miriam, [while you were] on the path, when you left Egypt." (Divarim: 24; 9)

["Gate 1" includes] various Aggados of our Sages of Blessed Memory, from the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds, as well as Midrashim of our Sages of Blessed Memory, and [passages from] the Holy Zohar. [These teachings are intended] to arouse and remind the person of the greatness of the reward, [both] in this world and in The World to Come, for guarding one's tongue from forbidden speech, and, in contrast, the great punishment [for speaking that which is forbidden], HaShem should save us [from these sins].

"Gate 2" is given the name "Sha'ar HaTivunah" - "The Gate of Understanding", based on the verse, "The wise one will listen and increase [his] knowledge, and the understanding one will acquire strategies." (Mishlei: 1; 5) Within this ["Gate"], a number of pieces of advice and strategies shall be explained, [with regards to] how to save oneself from this bitter sin [of Lashon HaRa. These strategies and pieces of advice will be beneficial] even to one who is accustomed to [speaking Lashon HaRa and other forbidden speech], Heaven Forbid. Incidentally, [we shall also] explain a number of other attributes that are included in the attribute of "Shmiras HaLashon" - "Guarding One's Tongue".

"Gate 3" is given the name "Sha'ar HaTorah" - "The Gate of the Torah". Within this ["Gate"] shall be explained the great reward for one who sanctifies his speech in Torah [learning], as well as [the great reward] for one who supports the Torah [learning]. In contrast, [we shall also learn] of the great punishment for one who weakens himself [from involvement in Torah], Heaven Forbid.

The conclusion of sefer ["Shmiras HaLashon"] will be added a number of [teachings] that are applicable to the first two "Gates". Sefer "Shmiras HaLashon" is a completion of sefer "Chofetz Chaim" as is indicated in the introduction.

[Translator's Addition: There is also a second volume of sefer "Shmiras HaLashon". This volume includes more related to the severity of forbidden speech, among other things. A large portion of this second volume include chapters that deal with many of the weekly Torah portions and some of the teachings that can be learned from these portions that are associated with forbidden types of speech.]

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