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Ya'akov Don ben Esther Ahuvah Sharona
Avraham Yishayahu ben Aviva
Perel Leah bas Sima

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shmiras HaLashon כ"ט כּסלו - Kislev 29 - Eighty-Ninth Day

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Chapter 5

Wherein Shall be Explained the Mitzvah of “You Shall Love Your Fellow as [You Love] Yourself”

Once we truthfully contemplate, [we] find that the fulfillment of the mitzvah of judging your fellow favorably and the attribute of guarding the tongue [from forbidden speech], are dependant on the fulfillment of the positive commandment of “And you shall love your fellow as [you love] yourself”, (Vayikra: 19; 18) for if you truthfully love your fellow, you will definitely not speak Lashon HaRa about him, and you will seek with all of your strength [to discover his] innocence. [The person should seek out the merit of his fellow] just as would be the case if a certain incident would occur to him, [where] he did something that was improper, and people were standing [around] and discussing that affair, and [the person who did the questionable action] knows [of some information] that would show an indication of innocence about himself [vis-à-vis this incident], or that he performed this [action] inadvertently, or any other reason [that would explain his apparently improper action, if so, he would] greatly long that someone would be found who would argue for his merit, so that he won’t be shamed so greatly [by these people discussing the action that he committed]! So too, in precisely the same way [that he would want others to come to his defense], he is required to act [in the manner] for his fellow [by coming to his defense].

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