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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shmiras HaLashon ז ניסן - Nissan 7 - One-Hundred-and-Eighty-Fifth Day

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(During a Jewish leap-year: 21 Adar II - בִּשְׁנַת הָעִיבּוּר - כ"א אדר בּ)

Chapter 6

[In this Chapter we shall Continue to Discuss Concerning] the Matter of the Greatness of The Obligation to Strengthen The [Study of The] Torah

All of this [which] we have spoken [about] concerning the matter of providing for the needs of the people involved in the study of The Torah, is in order that [the people who wish to involve themselves in Torah study], will possess the ability to involve themselves in [the study of] The Torah of HaShem. How much more so is it a great mitzvah in every single city, for [those] who possess the ability, [to ensure] that an effort [is made] to establish yeshivos of Torah for the youth who have not as of yet reached the [distinction] of [accomplished] learners [of Torah], so that The Torah will not decline, Heaven Forbid, for if there are not kid-goats, there will not be he-goats[1]. In our times it is all the more-so necessary to strengthen [the study of The Torah], so that it does not decline completely, Heaven Forbid, for the ray of The Torah has practically declined to the dirt, due to our numerous sins.

[Moreover], due to our numerous sins, [we have arrived at a situation in which] we observe with our eyes, that many youth who possessed the capability to become decisors of Jewish law in [the midst of The B’nei] Yisrael [have missed out on such an opportunity] since practically no teacher [of Torah] exists. [Therefore, these youth who possess great potential], remain completely ignorant, and some of these youth [consequently] also [even] go out to [live] an evil lifestyle. Even [in] those towns which do have yeshivos, [the Torah students] continuously become increasingly impoverished, for no one is found to sufficiently strengthen them by providing for their needs. Woe to our eyes, for such do they see, and no one pays attention [in order] to find a remedy or a cure for this [problem, so] that The Torah will not dissipate, Heaven Forbid. What will we say and [through] what will we made righteous before The Throne of [The] Glory [of HaShem], Yisbarach, when He will demand [concerning] the insult of The Torah[2] from [these people who could have strengthened Torah study but neglected to do so]?

[1] “Kid-goats” refer to the students of Torah and “he-goats” refers to the people who become accomplished in Torah study. (B’rachos, 63a)

[2] This teaching concerning “the insult of The Torah”, is based on a mishna in “Pirkei Avos”, quoting Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi (6; 2).

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