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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shmiras HaLashon ט אדר - Adar 9 - One-Hundred-and-Fifty-Eighth Day

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[The value of involvement in Torah study is discussed in] The Holy “Zohar” [on] ParshasVaYeishev”, [as follows][1]: “Rabbi Yehudah began [his teaching by stating]: ““The Torah of HaShem is complete, it returns the soul…”[2] (Tehillim: 19; 8) There is a great [reason] for [the] person to involve himself in Torah [study], for all of those who involve themselves in Torah [study], will have life in this world and in The World to Come, and merits [to live] in both worlds. Even [concerning] one who involves himself in Torah [study], though doesn’t involve himself in it for the sake [of studying Torah] as is appropriate, [nevertheless] he merits [to receive] a good reward in this world and is not [subject to] judgment in The World to Come…[3] At the time that his soul departs [his body] to return to its place [in Heaven, the Torah that he has studied] precedes that soul, and many gates are broken before The Torah [that he had studied], until [his soul] ascends to its [proper] place. [Furthermore, the Torah that the person has learned], stands over the person until he will be aroused at the time of The Resurrection of the Dead and acts in his defense [when he would be judged], this [follows] that which is written, [“When you walk, it[4] shall lead you, when you lie down, it shall protect you, and when you awaken, it shall be your speech.” (Mishlei: 6; 22)][5]

[Concerning the benefits of Torah study, we also learn in The
Zohar, on] ParshasBiShalach” (volume 2, 46a), [as follows][6]: “The Holy One, Blessed is He, greatly loves The Torah, for all of those who involve themselves in Torah [study] are loved Above, [in Heaven, and] are loved below, [in this world, and] The Holy One, Blessed is He, listens closely to his words [of Torah study, and] does not abandon him in this world and does not abandon him in The World to Come. It is necessary [for the person] to toil in Torah [study] during the daytime and nighttime, as it is written, [“And you shall contemplate its [teachings] day and night…” (Yihoshua: 1; 8), and it is written [in seferYirmiyahu”], “[So said HaShem], ‘If not for My Covenant of day and night, [I would not have put the laws of Heaven and Earth into effect’.]” (33; 25)]”

[1] This teaching from The “Zohar” is found in volume 1, on 184b.

[2] The entire pasuk states, “The Torah of HaShem is complete, it returns the soul, The Testimonies of HaShem are trustworthy, they make the fool wise.” (Tehillim: 19; 8)

At this point, The “Zohar” states, in parenthesis, that one who is idle from Torah study (at the time that they should be learning Torah), is considered as if he had destroyed an entire world.

[3] This segment of Rabbi Yehuda’s teaching that is left out in the text of “Shmiras HaLashon”, states as follows:

“And come and [take note of] that [which] is written [in “Mishlei”], “Length of life is in its right, in its left is wealth and honor.” (Mishlei: 3; 16) Length of days [are given to those] who involve themselves in Torah [study] for the sake [of studying Torah], for he has long life in that world [i.e. The World to Come] which has length of days, and these days are definite days. Over there [in The World to Come], is the security of supernal holiness, in which the person attains [that supernal] security in The World to Come by involving [himself] in Torah [study] in this world, in order to strengthen it in [The] World [to Come]. “…in its left is wealth and honor”, there is great reward and tranquility in that world [i.e. The World to Come], and [concerning] all of those who involve themselves in Torah [study] for the sake [of studying Torah], when he departs this world, The Torah [that he had studied] precedes him and announces before him, and protects him so that those Masters of Judgment can’t come near him, when the body lies in the grave, that [Torah that one has studied] protects him…”

[4] “It”, in this pasuk refers to Torah study.

[5] The conclusion of Rabbi Yehuda’s teaching in The “Zohar”, states, “When you walk, it shall lead you…”, as has been [taught above], “…when you lie down, it shall protect you…” - [this refers to] the time that the body lies in the grave, for at that time the body is judged in the grave, this Torah [that he has studied] protects him, “…and when you awaken it shall be your speech” – as has been [taught, that] at the time when the dead of the world will be awakened from the dirt, [The Torah that you have studied] shall be your speech [in that] it will be that which argues in your defense.”

[6] This teaching which is found in , is quoted in the name of Rabbi Yosi, on the pasuk “And HaShem goes before them during the day…”, in reference to The Pillar of Cloud with which HaShem protected The B’nei Yisrael in the desert, during the night HaShem provided them with a Pillar of Fire. (Shmos: 15; 31) Rabbi Yosi brings the following pasuk from seferTehillim” to introduce his teaching: “A hymn on the Ayeles (an instrument – RaSh”I) of the morning, a praise by David.” (Tehillim: 22; 1).

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