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Ya'akov Don ben Esther Ahuvah Sharona
Avraham Yishayahu ben Aviva
Perel Leah bas Sima

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shmiras HaLashon י אדר - Adar 10 - One-Hundred-and-Fifty-Nineth Day

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[Concerning the greatness of Torah study, we learn in The “Zohar”, on] ParshasEmor”, [as follows][1]: “Praiseworthy is The Nation of Israel, for The Holy One, Blessed is He, has chosen them from among all of the nations [to be His Chosen Nation], and out of His love for them, He has given them The Torah of Truth, [in order] to know of The Way of The Holy King. It is considered as if all of those who involve themselves in Torah [study], are involved in [the study of] HaShem, for the entire Torah is The Name of The Holy One, Blessed is He, and all of those who are involved in [the study] of The Torah, is considered as if he is involved in [the study of HaShem’s] Name. [In contrast], one who distances himself from [the study of] The Torah is distant from The Holy One, Blessed is He.”

Furthermore, [we learn in The
Zohar on parshasEmor[2], as follows]: “Praiseworthy is the portion of those who involve themselves in Torah [study] every day[3]. Woe to those who do not involve themselves in Torah [study], for they do not have a portion [in The Holy Name of HaShem], and they do not know of it[4], neither in this world, nor in The World to Come. [However], one who merits [to involve himself in Torah study] in this world, merits to [partake] in [that Torah] in The World to Come, as it says [in “Shir HaShirim”], “…the lips of those who are sleeping, move.”[5] (Shir HaShirim: 7; 10), for though they are in [The World to Come], their lips [nevertheless] move with [words of] Torah…”

[In The “Zohar”, on] ParshasShilach-Licha” (volume 3, 159b), [we learn as follows]: “The Holy One, Blessed is He, praises The Torah, [as follows]: ‘Go in My path, go in My service, and I shall cause you to ascend to good worlds and to the Supernal Worlds. “…Ascend here in the Negev…”[6] (Bamidbar: 13; 17), and involve yourselves in Torah [study], and see that [The Torah] stands before you, and you shall know Me from [The Torah study in which you are involved].’”

Furthermore, [we learn in The “Zohar” on parshasShilach” (volume 3, 166b), as follows][7]: ““A doe that is loved and arouses favor…” (Mishlei: 5; 19), The Torah is The Light of all of the worlds. Many oceans and streams, sources of water, and springs, spread out from you. What can I say to you, everything exists for your sake, [both in the] Upper Spheres and [the] Lower Spheres? [You are] “A doe that is loved and arouses favor…” in reference to the Upper Spheres and [the] Lower Spheres. Who will fittingly merit [to attain] your honor and who will reveal and say that which is secret and hidden of you?”

[1] This teaching from The “Zohar” is quoted in the name of Rabbi Abba and is found in volume 3, 89b. This teaching from The “Zohar” is based on the following phrase:

“To You HaShem is righteousness, and for us [there is] shamefulness for as of this day, for the man of Yehuda and the inhabitants of Yirushalayim…” (Daniel: 9; 7)

[2] This teaching from The “Zohar” is found in volume 3, 96a. This teaching is quoted in the name of Rabbi Shimon, which he begins by quoting the following pasuk from “Divrei HaYomim I”:

“Then the trees of the forest shall be joyous before HaShem, for He has come to judge [all of the inhabitants] of The Earth.” (16; 33) (Translation is based on Targum Yonasan ben Uziel.)

[3] The phrase from The “Zohar” that is left out, reads, “…that they know The Ways of The Holy One, Blessed is He, and they grasp onto His Name (every day)…”

[4] An alternative reading to “they do not know [of His Name]” is “they do not grasp onto [His Name]”.

[5] The entire pasuk states, “And your palate is like good wine, it goes to my loved one, in uprightness, it causes the lips of those who are sleeping to move.” (Koheles: 7; 10)

The Vilna Gaon explains that the lips of the sleeping which move, refer to the righteous in Gan Eden who are involved in Torah study. “Your lips are like good wine” refers to The Written Torah, while “it goes to my loved one”, refers to The Oral Torah.

[6] This pasuk states, “And Moshe sent them to spy out The Land of C’na’an, and he said to them, ‘Ascend here in the Negev, and ascend the mountain’.” (Bamidbar: 13; 17)

[7] This teaching from The “Zohar” is quoted in the name of Rabbi Shimon, on the pasuk, “A doe that is loved and who inspires favor, her nipples satiate you at every moment, you shall constantly be crazy with love of her.” (Mishlei: 5; 19)

This pasuk refers to The Torah. The MaLBI”M comments that this pasuk is written in reference to Torah insights that one has, the loved doe that inspires favor – “חן” – refers to Torah insights which comes from The Heaven. Though the person comes up with new Torah insights – chiddushim – at the time that the person does not come up with new insights, he desires to use that time to review those earlier Torah insights.

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